About Us

ALGHALIYA is a professional telecom company with 15+ years of experience having a clear focus on delivering complete tailored Telecom solutions to customers all over the country. Being established in Qatar in the year 2007, Alghaliya has now expanded its services to Saudi Arabia updating with the latest technologies, while pushing the innovation and experience to the next level that brings the ultimate IT and telecom services.

Alghaliya is now fully equipped to be the go-to company for anyone who wants quality and outstanding Telecom services, as we adapt to our client’s needs with high flexibility & agility and provides them with our best creative solution which makes us comprehensive and dependable. We can establish complete FTTH networking systems, all of which are fully customized based on the customer requirements and is tested to ensure that it delivers extremely high speeds.

While our priority being customer centric is to deliver the ultimate set of solutions at incredible quality, we never fail to push our boundaries with excellent technical support and a non-stop line that you can access for immediate support and high-quality services.


With more than a decade of experience in Telecom industry, strength of Alghaliya is a well managed team of certified Engineers and Technicians who are supervised by Qualified Personnel. Our Quality and HSE team makes us unique in our true focus on quality of services provided. Our back office team comprising efficient Document Controllers and Draftsmen makes the whole process seamless. Nevertheless, Alghaliya makes sure to use top notch well calibrated equipment’s from Splicing machines, OTDR Testing machines, to Drilling machines.