About Us

AL GHALIYA COMPUTER SYSTEMS WLL is a professional telecommunications company focused on the delivery of outstanding FTTH solutions to customers all over the country. We are the service provider for Ooredoo and we are bringing you state of the start internet and telecom solutions that you can always rely on. We are specialized in ISP installation and maintenance; we have made Quality as our priority along with professionalism by offering operational excellence in areas like structured cabling and block wiring.

Established in 2007, our company has always been focused on bringing the ultimate IT and telecom services. We are always up to date with the latest technologies, while pushing the innovation and experience to the next level. Al Ghaliya is now a go-to company for anyone who wants quality and outstanding solutions, as we adapt to our clients’ needs with high flexibility and agility and provides them with our best creative solution. Our focus is to constantly offer our clients the ultimate set of FTTH and telecom services,

Our company has been working with FTTH for more than a decade, and we are constantly bringing in front the latest solutions to customers. We can establish complete FTTH networking systems, all of which are fully customized based on the customer requirements. In addition, every FTTH solution is tested to ensure that it delivers extremely high speeds. We can also adapt the FTTH system to your own requirements, making it comprehensive and very dependable.

We can also bring you a very good bandwidth, while constantly adding in great improvements and implementing the best solutions. We offer you the flexibility and customization you need to fully take your experience to the next level.

What makes our company unique is our true focus on quality and our customer-centric approach. It’s very important for us to deliver the ultimate set of solutions and incredible quality. We also push the boundaries with excellent technical support and a non-stop line that you can access for immediate support and high-quality services.